Huddersfield Film Makers Club | Introduction

Data privacy policy

Huddersfield Film Makers Club is a not-for-profit organisation providing social activities and aiming to encourage good practice among amateur film makers.

1. Personal data we hold


Names and contact details (including addresses, phone numbers and email addresses) of members.

Committee position when a member is elected to the club committee.

Entrants and prizewinners in club competition activities and details of members' film entries.

Temporary lists of attendees and preferences for club activities when required for specific events, including the annual dinner etc.


Names and contact details (which may include addresses, phone numbers and/or email addresses) of non-members wishing to have regular contact with the club, in particular as follows:

◼ Those seeking to become a member of the club.

◼ Those who have requested to receive information of public events of the club.

◼ Club contacts for similar not-for-profit clubs providing mutual support of activities.

◼ Visitors providing club activities through guest presentation or judging of club events.

2. How we source personal data

Data is obtained with the consent of the data subject through the completion of a relevant paper form or through submission of electronic communication.

Club contact details may be obtained either directly from the data subject or through an authoritative source of the relevant organisation, such as its website.

3. Who we share personal data with

We do not normally share personal data, but there are a number of exceptions needed in order to administer club activities:

In administering the club's relationship with its host meeting premises, members or visiting non-members may consent to their data being passed to the host organisation.

In administering the club's relationship with its bank account holders, members elected or nominated to deal with that relationship may consent to their data being passed to the banking organisation.

Data provided as part of a competition entry may be provided to the competition administrators or judges and in the publication of competition results.

Names of individuals involved in member or guest presentations to the club may appear in a published programme of activities and review of those activities.

Names of members elected to serve on the committee and contact details of the secretary may appear within club publications. Publication of information may be in the form of printed documents such as the club syllabus or committee minutes or on the club website.

4 How long do we keep personal data

The club keeps personal data during the period a member remains a member of the club or a non-member wishes to keep in regular contact with the club. This will be subject to an annual review.

5 Lawful basis for processing data

The club will process data lawfully and with regard to the various rights of the data subject in processing that data. Should it need to process any data on children it will also act with regard to the rights of a parent or guardian.

The club's aim is to process all data on the basis that the individual has given clear consent for the club to process the data for specific purposes.

Situations may occasionally arise when it is necessary to process data on the basis of legitimate interest or because of legal obligation.

6 Film-making and personal data protection

The club acts as a focal point for individuals who make their own films and in the vast majority of cases the individual film producer and not the club will be the data controller of the film.

Given the wide variety of film genres and the various scenes therein it is not possible to make generalised rules as to what might be regarded as personal data which would cover every scenario. Individual film producers will have to make decisions on whether a scene contains personal data on a scene by scene basis. Consent of individuals will normally be obtained when they or their property are clearly a prominently featured subject. In recording some scenes film-makers may be filming with legitimate interest. Some scenes may contain no personal data at all.

The club will endeavour, to the extent of its collective ability, to encourage personal data best practice among individual members.

Occasionally the club is involved in film-making as a club activity and makes a publicly-accessible documentary magazine about events in the Huddersfield area each year. In making such a film, the club aims to process any scenes which it considers might be perceived to be personal data by obtaining consent and with regard for individuals' data rights. Where any filming is done with legitimate interest, it is conducted in a manner in which members are overt and identifiable while filming. During and after filming the club will recognise the personal data rights of individuals featured in any scene.

7 Contact

Huddersfield Film Makers Club is a small organisation not required to designate a Data Protection Officer, but all data protection requests will receive the attention of the club committee.

Data protection requests may be sent to

Revised April 29, 2022.