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The maps on this website covering Yorkshire are our own unique Yorkshire.guide maps created by us from open data compiled by volunteer community contributors to the OpenStreetMap project.

The data is compiled through such means as GPS, local knowledge, photography, drawings and tracing of aerial imagery when permitted, but avoiding use of copyright data of other maps.

It should be noted that the mapping of Yorkshire is not complete and not all data is fully up-to-date.

Some areas are exceptionally well detailed, sometimes better than other maps, while other areas have only sparse information.

Like all maps, these maps rely on being updated from time to time and the recent decimation of services in small to medium-sized and sometimes large towns in Yorkshire over just a few years has sometimes left features such as banks, post offices, libraries, public conveniences, police stations and fire stations showing for a while after they have been closed. We try to carry out these updates where possible, but also rely on the OpenStreetMap database being updated by others. Please read on to the end of the page to find out how you can help.

Some of our Yorkshire towns have more detailed maps available at extra zoom-in levels which are accessed when a link for 'Town map' instead of 'Map view' appears on the page for that town. This additional detail is only accessible through the town's page. Outside the detailed map area you will need to zoom out to return to the wider Yorkshire map.

It is your responsibility to assess the suitability and completeness of any map you are using for the purpose you intend to use it. For example, the Yorkshire.guide map does not currently include contour information and would not be appropiate for mountain hikes. It will not include marine navigation information and is therefore an unsuitable type of map where that information is important.

If you wish to add to or correct any of the details on the map, you are free to join contributors at  OpenStreetMap. Changes made there will over time be reflected in our maps and those of other users of the map data.

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