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Members films

We're happy to let our film-making friends see a small selection of films produced by club members in recent years. If you like what you see, why not come and see our new movies at their full quality on the big screen and join in the club's future film-making.

PLEASE NOTE the movies are made available for your own private personal viewing through this website. Unless otherwise stated they should not be stored, copied, retransmitted nor embedded in any other website or publication. The copyright in the films is retained by their makers, who would be able to assist in telling you if the web movie or higher specification original material is available if sought for any other purpose. YouTube films are brought to you under the terms of YouTube and Vimeo films under the terms of Vimeo.

Highly Likely

Robert Lorrimer

Comedy satire - (2018) - 2min 45sec

This funny satire of a spy's assassination plot won a top international award and the club's Fiction Award in 2019.

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Robert Lorrimer

Science fiction - (2016) - 10min 56sec

Winner of our Film of the Year, most artistic photography, best use of sound and best short film in 2016.

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Huddersfield Food and Drink Festival

David Murray

Documentary - (2014) - 2min 32sec

A small sample of the dishes and delights of the Huddersfield Food and Drink Festival.

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Take the Trolley

Stewart Gledhill

Documentary - (2010) - 8min 04sec

A ride on a preserved Huddersfield trolley bus and a look back at the buses operating in the town.

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Writer's Block

Robert Lorrimer

Creative parody - (2014) - 3min 23sec

A poet struggles with his composition. Winner of club 2015 Short Film and Fiction awards.

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Grand Canyon

Roger and Maureen Parnell

Travel - (2010) - 3min 26sec

The dramatic scenery of the famous landmark in Arizona in the USA is captured during this visit in 2010.

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The Steps

Robert Lorrimer

Comedy drama - (2011) - 3min 13sec

After completing the weekly shop, an older man must face his nemesis: The Steps.

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Films from our practical evenings

Huddersfield Film Makers Club

See a selection of films from our practical evenings.

The films of Keith Kitson

Keith Kitson was a highly entertaining character, providing an amusing input into club projects, creating films which reached out to places few had gone before and helping to pioneer new techniques such as drone filming. Some of his films, provided here through Vimeo, are a lasting tribute.

The films of Barry Lockwood

Many of the superb collection of films created by the late Barry Lockwood while he was a member of Huddersfield Video and Cine Club are on YouTube. Click on the link above to find them on our page dedicated to Barry.