Huddersfield area map

Our maps covering the Huddersfield area are own unique maps created by creators from open data compiled by volunteer community contributors to the OpenStreetMap project.
The data is compiled through such means as GPS, local knowledge, photography, drawings and tracing of aerial imagery when permitted, but avoiding use of copyright data of other maps.
It should be noted that the mapping of the Huddersfield area is not complete and not all data is fully up-to-date.
Indeed, until recent efforts by contributors to OpenStreetMap, Huddersfield had remained one of the country's most under-mapped towns. Most (but not all) streets are now in place and detail is gradually growing, but you will find some areas are exceptionally well detailed while other areas have only sparse information.
If you wish to add to or correct any details on the map, you are free to join contributors at OpenStreetMap (
Changes made there will over time be reflected in our maps and those of other users of the map data.

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